Thanks for being curious about me!

I start with makeup by going to a private makeup school during my last year of university. I decided I needed to try something I loved doing outside of what society was telling me I should be doing. I have a creative soul and felt drawn to makeup, being part of something that helps people feel beautiful is something that captured me. I loved being part of those moments.

I’ve been in the makeup industry for ~10 years working in all areas including film, photography, commercial, fashion, runways, special occasions, and North American bridal. Within the past few years, I also realized how much I loved character and illusion makeup and have been playing around with that!

You’re my ideal client if:

✨ You’re looking for soft glam/ you want to enhance your natural beauty

✨ You love makeup – you just don’t know how to apply it yourself

✨ You want to pamper yourself

✨ You’re looking for an artist with fun energy

✨ You’re laid back

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I love being part of someone's big day -- whether that's a wedding or a day out. I LOVE being there and bringing out the beauty I see in my clients. We're often our own harshest critics but every single one of us has beautiful aspects. I like to highlight those so that you leave my chair feeling your best self. My goal is to make you smile and leave my chair feeling your most confident self. 😊


Fun facts about me:

➡️ I love food, I’m a big foodie. I will probably talk about food. 🍕

➡️ I can speak a little Italian, Japanese, Korean and minimal Spanish and French. I love learning languages!

➡️ I have a black cat named Milo, he’s a sweetie. I love animals!

➡️ I went to an art school, I love playing around with colour and have a creative soul.

➡️ I am into astrology and “woo” a.k.a I like crystals, tarot readings and spirituality.

➡️ I love personality quizzes so if you ask me my MBTI, enneagram, human design..etc I will have an answer

Working with Feelo was such a pleasure! Feelo took my look to the next level and exceeded my expectations. Her positive attitude made for an incredible experience.
The Tarot Kava

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